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The company boasts modern fishing boats (seine tuna freezer trawlers) equipped with crew qualified for the job.

Method of fishing

The main species captured by the factory fleet are the yellow fin and the skipjack. The seine method using, large nets which surround the shoals, of tunas is used. Once hoisted aboard, the fish is frozen by immersing it immediately in brine tanks at a temperature of -18 degrees centigrade.

When the boat arrives in the discharge or tranship port (Abidjan or Dakar in the Atlantic, and Diego Suarez, Mahe and Phunket in the Indian ocean) the fish is distributed directly to the local canning factory or transhipped onto a merchant ship earmarked for the main tuna markets: Spain, France, Italy, Puerto Rico - USA, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, Senegal and Ivory Coast.

In the discharge ports for frozen tuna, we have put in place exhaustive quality control for the tuna by independent controllers, before delivery to the canning factories or the merchant ships to be transported to the point of sale.

The tuna ships only return to Europe each 8 years, in order to be completely overhauled. Meanwhile continuous maintenance is carried out.

Inpesca fishes in the following areas, in which it divides his ships as well:
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